Saturday, December 27, 2008

Annaleigh the Weather Girl and to Georgia and Back

Before we left for Georgia last week, we met our good friends the Montana's for dinner in Dallas

After dinner, we walked down to Fountain Square. Obviously, it was a very WINDY night.

I cracked up when I saw how this picture turned out. I was trying to get A's picture in front of the fountains and it ended up looking like she was on report as a weather girl in a like this:She's thinking about a future career in weather like mommy's cousin Ty...except Ty isn't a WEATHERMAN, he's a meteorologist!A and Mike had fun anyway!On a completely different note, when we got to Georgia, we had the opportunity to honor the life of Beth's grandfather, Mr. Bill Moore who passed away last week. It was such a blessing to hear story after story of this wonderful man who served as an elder and a dear friend to my own Papa Moore. Beth's grandfather was a spiritual giant who touched many lives including my own. Some of my very favorite memories of childhood are of playing on the dairy farm.
In our family, we open up gifts to each other on Christmas Eve and then Santa comes on Christmas morning. A was the designated Elf this year who passed out all the gifts. she took her job very seriously.My little sis Rachel and boyfriend Ben.Sweet Mama Moore
DO NOT CALL CPS!!! A voluntarily crawled into my mom's dog's new crate after we put it together. She thought she was being hilarious!!

After opening presents, A and Mamie made some reindeer food for all of Santa's hard working fleet. She was super super excited about this task!

A and Mamie scattered it out on the lawn with care...

And then got in her new Christmas PJ's.

Mommy and Daddy put in word with Santa that she was a very very good girl this year!

and here's the loot that Santa left...and he even wrote her a note!
The first thing she did was look everything over to make sure everything she asked for was there...and, of course, it was.

I am starting her out early, right?? I PROMISE she asked Santa for a pink vacuum...thanks for the suggestion, Becky!
Russell's family is coming tomorrow for Christmas #2...more to follow...

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The Blakes said...

She looks so ADORABLE! I miss her! I am so glad that yall had a wonderful Christmas!