Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Modern Toddler

She plucked it right out of my ear and knew exactly what to do. I am sure she is discussing what to download on her ipod with her playdate friends. I have my hands full, folks.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates and Walking

Yesterday was a fun day! We had a lazy morning and then dropped A off so we could go see a movie. I have to tell you it has been 2 years since Russell and I have gone to see a movie together and I was SHOCKED to find out MATINEE tickets are 7 bucks a piece!!! Good Grief!! No wonder we never go to movies anymore!!! We went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, which was good, but I have to say I found it a little bit confusing. Has anyone else seen this movie?? What did you think about it??

Today was so EXCITING! I am happy to report that my girl is now OFFICIALLY walking 2 days after her 14 month birthday! I honestly thought she would never get her nerve. We have known that she had the capability to walk for quite some time...just never seemed to have the nerve to let go! I guess those days are over and my world is about to change for good!

Friday, May 25, 2007

She's HERE!

Many of you may have already received the email from Beth's husband Brian...In case you didn't, I wanted to let you know that Lillian Elizabeth P. arrived via C-Section last night at 8:04 PM. She is a big girl! 8 lbs, 11oz. and 21 inches.

Brian has set up a blog so you can check up on them:

Here is the little Angel who I think looks JUST like her mommy!

Are we too old for this??

We had our Spring Fling last night for Juniors and Seniors. It was SUCH a blast but not over until 5 AM !! After a few hours of sleep this morning, Russell and I are still pretty bleary eyed. We went to some really neat Dallas attractions (The West End, The Arboretum, Fountain Place, and Reunion Tower) But it rained most of the night so all of my pictures are inside...Here are a few Some Cool Kids Some Sweet Junior Girls Some Amazing Chaperones Some Tired Youth Ministers!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bethie is in Labor

I am so oldest ,bestest friend Beth Moore Prewitt is in labor right now with her first child in Atlanta. Please pray for her as it has already been an exhausting night and she has a while to go! I can't wait until her little girl is born so we can ALL FINALLY know the name!

Good Luck, Beth! We are praying for you!!!

I will get pictures up as soon as I get them!
Cute Pregnant Bethie
Me and Bethie at NCYM a few years ago

Friday, May 18, 2007

Back from the beach =(

We just got back from the beach last night around 1AM and I am so sad to already be home! It was so great to relax with friends and family! Here are a few pictures from the trip...I took over 200, and I have to say, they were all so good I had trouble deciding which ones to post!

ALL 8 of us!!! Good thing we stayed in a big house!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


This is going to be quick. We had to take Annaleigh back to the Dr. yesterday after a very ROUGH couple of days...he proceeded to tell us that she had not one, not two, but THREE viruses! I just about cried right there in the office at the prospect we may not make our long-awaited beach trip this week. He quickly told me that we were on the end of the two contagious ones (Intestinal and Croup) and he was going to give her a shot today and send her home with Antibiotics for , yet another, ear infection....his advise would be to hold off the trip one day if at all possible to observe her and make sure she is on the up and up....FORTUNATELY, the beach house we are going to is owned by some very dear friends who could be we are STILL going (just not until Friday.)
I most likely will not get another chance to post until we get I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Friday, May 04, 2007


It turns out little-bit has a touch of the dreaded stomach bug again! Looks like a few days inside for us plus lots of germ-x, lysol, clear liquids, crackers, and watching the Wiggles. I gotta get this kid 100% before we leave for the beach (Laguna Beach, Florida for those who care) on Wednesday!

Here she is on a day she felt more like herself

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last night's adventure

We have been experiencing an unusually wet/stormy spring here in North Texas. Considering it rained a total of about 3 times all last spring or summer, everyone has been in shock! Last night a huge storm struck our area about 15 minutes after Bible Class started at church. It went from still to literally 90 mile an hour winds!!! The power went out not too long after things started to kick up....My baby was in cradle roll in another building so a friend and I braved the storms to go and rescue our kids! Of course they didn't even care it was pitch black, but it made us feel better to have our babies in our arms. All the moms gathered and sat in the hallway with the babies while waiting for the worst of the storm to blow over by cell-phone light! We all laughed how funny it was we don't even need flashlights anymore because of cell phones.
We got home to discover the power was out in our house, so we just lit candles and made the best of it. We sort of thought the power would come back on quickly because we practically live in the middle of Mesquite....well it didn't and the house started to get muggy and hot. We would have left the windows cracked but there are no screens on our windows and we didn't want to let bugs and critters in all night. We didn't want Annaleigh to get too hot so we packed up to go spend the night at a friends house. Wouldn't you know that as soon as we got to the front door Annaleigh THEW UP all over me and her. We were already wearing our pj's and didn't even have a change of clothes with us so we had to borrow clothes from our friends. She was so yucky I had to bring her in and put her straight in the tub! By the time we all got to bed it was almost 1AM.
Everyone is fine now! We got power back around 10am today but unfortunately some people in the area still do not have power. There were not any tornadoes here....but there was some damage done by the wind. Thank goodness our only loss was the melted Blue Bell ice cream in our freezer!