Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney update for the day!

Apparently Britney thinks she is cured because she checked herself out of rehab AGAIN this morning. Can't her family put her somewhere for help where she doesn't have the option to say, the mental hospital??

And for all you smarties out there, I would like it to be known that I do, in fact, have a life. This is just like a train-wreck. You can't help but stop and watch no matter how ugly it is!
PS: the picture is from

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thank goodness! Britney reads my blog (wink, wink) and under my sound and wise advise has voluntarily checked herself (back) into rehab today.

That picture...

That picture of Britney's head makes me sick every time I log in, I so I had to add some more pictures today. Below is Annaleigh with one of her friend's from MTM. The other was the little monkey sleeping last night! We thought she looked so funny. Her poor hair is out of control!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I am worried about...Britney Spears

Disclaimer: I would not call myself a fan of hers, nor do I own any of her Cd's. With that said, I just have to say that Britney Spears behavior is alarming to me! Poor child. I know her red-neck mom and dad pushed her into the lime-light at a young age and she never had the opportunity to grow up...but this is ridiculous. She went and SHAVED her HEAD and is seen partying very very hard every night. She is obviously having a breakdown and starving for attention...and I know she has plenty of money to hire the best nannies, but her two babies need a mother!!!!! These young stars are just burning the candle at both ends and living very hard lives. You would think she would have learned with the recent alleged drug related death of the tragic train wreck, Anna Nicole Smith. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HAVE AN INTERVENTION WITH THIS POOR GIRL, ENTER HER IN FOR A VERY LONG STAY INTO REHAB AND TAKE AWAY HER BABIES!!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So it's been a few weeks....

I really try not to take so much time in between blogs. First of all, it's overwhelming to start up again where you left off, and secondly because I DO check all of my friends sights daily(because I am a little addicted) and get so excited when they update! I would also like to take the opportunity to "shout out" to all my blogging buddies I don't know!!!! Thanks for posting on my previous entry "I am not a stalker..."
Things have been pretty crazy around here. My classes this semester are very challenging and take up a lot of my brain power and energy! In the mean time, being the wife of a youth minister and mother to a 10month old little girl leaves me little time to sit down and think about writing something witty, insightful....or for that matter coherent!
Russell and I celebrated Valentine's day last night because we didn't have time to BREATH this week! Traditionally, we don't do much for eachother as far as gifts, usually little tokens such as a DVD or a book or, and Russell knows this so I know it won't offend him: He is NOT good at surprising me with gifts. At all. And that's okay because it just means I get exactly what I want (because I go and pick it out myself.) Well last night he comes in with a pretty little gift bag (which is also a first, by the way.) I start to dig through...first I find a book I had been wanting. (Wow...can't believe he remembered.) Secondly, I see a CD that I had mentioned wanting (the new Norah Jones...very good, and highly recommend.) I notice there is something else in the bottom. I pull out an IPOD!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I was shocked to say the least and he went WAY above and beyond (especially since I only got him a Sports Illustrated subscription!) Anyway, I was very proud of my husband and he truly did make my day!
Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Annaleigh and I are having a p.j. day today and so far it has been WONDERFUL! Russell took a few of the kids down to Abilene for Sing Song today and should be back later tonight...