Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6 Months old...and all Tuckered out!

Everyone says it, but I honestly can't believe how fast the time goes and how FAST they grow. My little girl turned 6 months old today. I can already tell I am prepping my child to have a "birthday complex" because I sang happy birthday all day to her today. She is really going to expect the parade on her birthday at this rate... Anyway, this was the scene on my living room floor this afternoon. I was shocked she fell right to sleep because she usually gives major protests to any and all naps.

We have been pretty busy around here with everyday life! I enjoyed getting all my fall decorations out last I am just waiting for it to be below 90 degrees so I can buy some mums and put a real pumpkin on the front porch without it spontaneously cooking into pumpkin pie.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Family Nights

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Family Nights

In Light of the nature of our "hustle-bustle" lifestyle Russell and I quickly saw the need to carve out time for family nights shortly after the birth of Annaleigh. Tuesday and Thursday nights we always try to make a good home-cooked dinner and then take the baby for a stroll around our neighborhood park. I think we are all starting to really cherish this time together. It is great to have that predictible time to know that all we have to do in the world is relax and be together as a family. I think this time also means a lot to me because growing up I lived in a very chaotic and unpredictable household. I would love to hear some of the family traditions that all of you are starting...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Word Art

Here is a fun little thing my friend Tiersa did on her blog and I thought I would give it a try...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just a few pictures to share taken last night and today. I hate to always bore you all with pictures of my PRECIOUS child. Some of you request them, some don't but here they are anyway. As you can tell, we are sitting up pretty well on our own as well as gnawing on ANYTHING we can find ( I say "we" as in Annaleigh) Mommy and Daddy have been sitting up on our own for quite some time now! (heehee)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weather Report

Not much new to report around here. I started back to school last week with a cold plus going back to work for a few days made for a long week with no time to blog. I am excited about my classes, but reality is starting to set in that I have to buckle down and get working again after my long summer break...
We were so relieved this week to not only see temperatures fall below 100 degrees for the first time in about 90 days, but also to see that wet stuff fall from the sky TWICE (I think I remember it's called rain) Russell walked in this morning from outside and said he thought he could hear the ground "gulping." I am so relieved to see the grass actually turn from putrid brown to "greenish" (see above picture.) I knew things were getting bad around here when someone suggested to us that we needed to be watering the foundation of our house on our ONE day a week that we are legally allowed to water. I had never heard of such at thing, but apparently its old hat around here because everyone is familiar with the way the dirt settles under extreme draught conditions, etc.