Sunday, January 29, 2006

What a fantastic weekend!
It all started Friday night when several of our senior girls in MYM (Andrea, Stacy, & Jessica) took me out on a suprise girls night. They found out Cheescake Factory was one of my favorite thats where we went (and ate waaaaay too much.) They also gave me a pampering gift complete with foot scrubs, facial masks, bubble bath, candles, etc, and a gift certificate to get my nails done! They made me feel so special and loved! Thank you girls so much! You are the best!

Saturday evening we got the pleasure to go to John Horn High School's rendition of The Music Man staring our very own student Matthew Montana as Prof. Harold Hill. I have to say that the Music Man is one of my favorites because it brings back memories of my great grandmother Mama Scoggins. About a year or so before her death (and 100th birthday) She decided that it was her favorite movie and she literally watched it EVERY DAY!

The whole cast did a fabulous job (this is Matthew in the picture)...we had several others who were involved...and I think I will be singing "Shapoopi, Shapoopi, the girl is hard to get" for at least a week now!

Russell and I feel so blessed to have such a great youth group! We are SO PROUD of all of them!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beautiful women!

I just want to share with you 3 of the most special women in my life: My grandmother (Mama Moore), Mom (Mary), and sis (Rachel). These ladies are beautiful on the outside, but their internal beauty far outshines the flesh. They are supportive and inspirational to me every single day in their own way.

God STILL works miracles

One of the biggest fears I have had since we found out we were expecting is that there could be something wrong with our child. I have to confess that I have lost sleep over this pleading with God that everything will be okay with our baby. I want to share this story of some good friends of ours Rick and Amy Carder who live in Fort Worth. They were given some bad news about their unborn child a few weeks ago, but this story proves that God DOES answer prayers that He DOES heal and that he STILL works miracles.

We wanted to give all of you guys an update on our doctor'sappointment this afternoon. God has healed His child - Praise Him. Let us tell you how God, as Mr. Jeffrey prayed last night,orchestrated the appointment. We went into the doctor's office and the sonogram technician began the ultrasound. She kept looking for the cystichygroma but was not finding it. I asked her, "Do you see anything?" She said, "No, but let's wait until the doctor gets in here." I said, "Well, alot of prayers have been prayed over this child. She said, "That certainly helps, I believe in miracles". She left and Amy and I were sitting there. Amy was sitting there, calm and cool as usual with the same confidence she has exemplified throughout the past 2 weeks. Her faith is amazing. After looking at the ultrasound pictures, the doctor came in and the first thing out of her mouth was "There is a God and He is good". She looked the baby over some more and said, "if this was the first time I've seen you, I'd say this baby is totally normal." She said, "There is no explanation for this". We prayed with the doctor and technician giving glory to God and prayed that this was a faith building experience for everyone involved. Everyone was crying - It was great. Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray forthe development of this special child. I asked God this morning that He expose the lie that Satan has been saying about our God not healing anymore. Please share this story with everyone you know and praise God for loving us and for being involved in our lives.
We love you,
Rick and Amy

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As usual, I am a little bit behind as far as technology is concerned but I have to say that I have enjoyed catching up on old friends through their posts... so why not join in the fun?
Here is what is happening in the Frantz household:

As you can see, I have traded in my svelt figure for the oh-so-fashionable baby bump (My dad says I just want to be like all the pregnant stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, etc.) Little Annaleigh Elizabeth Frantz is due March 25th so we have officially entered the "count-down" time.
Pictured with me are two of my favorite gals Suzanna & Amanda on New Years eve. No champagne toast for me this year!

Meet my first baby Lola Roux the cajun kitty. Russell and I adopted her while living in Louisiana. She is the sweetest little kitty in the world although we are afraid she will have jealousy issues when baby # 2 arrives!

Our little family in front of our house in Mesquite. We love working with the church here. We arrived here a little over a year ago and they have quicklybecome our family. God has blessed us immesurably this past year! All praises be to God our Father!