Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Hot Muffaletta Rolls

I haven't posted any recipes for awhile, so I thought I would share this one that my mom and I tweaked from a basic hot sandwich recipe.
DISCLAIMER: As a whole, I find recipes as guidelines. I rarely ever follow them as they are written so feel free to make your own adaptations.
Make sure to get your kid to help and make sure that she is barefoot so she can get her toes in the dough and has her hair hanging down...for added...uhhhhhh...Protein! Tasty.

Pillsbury Hot Roll mix
Olive salad spread
smoked turkey breast, or ham, or both
Swiss cheese
Provolone cheese
Any other cheese you want.....

1. Make the Hot Roll mix according to the roll recipe on the back and follow directions.
2. After dough has risen, separate into golf size balls and flatten out on cookie sheet.
3. Layer meat, cheese, and olive salad spread on flattened dough in that order.
4. Wrap up dough by folding over and placing seam side down on the cookie sheet.
5. Let rise for another 20 minutes.
6. Bake according to roll directions on the back of the box.
7. Serve and enjoy!I am noticing I look pretty rough in these pictures...hmmmm...I must have worked the night before!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Last Night

We waited 6 (yes, 6) hours to meet The Pioneer Woman last night and it was SOOOO worth it. She was so nice and kind and gracious and told me how beautiful my daughter was and gave us all free t-shirts! She talked to us for a minute or two and I asked her if she knew it was 1 AM. She just said "Honey, I won't even let myself look at the clock, I am just so happy to talk to every person here" ...did I mention there were like 700 people there?? And she talked to every person..including my husband who was patiently waiting safely in the background. She told him I owed him Big for waiting that long! I think she was right! More pictures to come....