Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls weekend in Florida!

Recently I went to Florida with a few of my Lipscomb friends for a girls weekend. Reese was visiting from Brazil, Wendy flew down from Birmingham, AL, and Hollee and I came from DFW.
Relaxing on the beach
Can you see that there are NO children with us??
Chocolate covered potato chips= to DIE for!
Matching NOSE rings!
"Rude Pizza" on the beach
Cold Fusion Ice Cream

Treats with Reese's sweet kiddos.

Saying goodbye at the airport (very early in the morning!)

We had such a great trip. It was so relaxing and exactly what we all needed...I am already looking forward to next year...Anybody want to go with us?

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Jillina said...

So fun and exactly what my group of girls are talking about doing next year! Maybe sometime we can all be in Fl at the same time!!